Monday, December 28, 2009


The snow makes me day dream of such wonderful things. I am so glad to be in PA for the holidays. Nothing beats being lazy and cuddling with those you love on the couch with a movie and drinking a cold winter lager, while beautiful snow dangles from the sky in the background.

Oh and since my nephew is with us, i got to witness him seeing snow fro the first time. It was lovely. To see him shiver, with his cheeks so rosie. My gawsh...he's so cute. Were still waiting for another snowy day so we can take him sledding, he will love that alot, alot. I just know it. So i will wish to the wish gods that another snow will fall our way.

PA for the holidays.

I have traveled to the main land of Schwenksville, Pennsylvania for the holidays. Since i don't like to celebrate the jesus holiday, it's nice that i get to hang out with my family. Were all together:Brother, Sister, Mother, and nephew.
We really enjoy just hanging out with one another, playing things like scrabble slam, apples to apples, cranium, and catch phrase.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

double the fun.

i miss my apt in pointbreeze. where i lived with fancy ladies, rescued ghetto cats, and drank 40's on our porch.

sometimes i like to pretend im japanese.

too but im not even half as cool as they are. But it's ok to try.

ssssssssissta ssssssssnake!!!

Sisters are so great. My sister, is the love of my life, my soul mate, my partner in crime, the one that makes me smile, the one that can always cheer me up, the one who always knows the answer, the one who i look up to, i just love her. alot.alot.

i miss her....i miss making vegetarian dinners for her, and her getting so upset that their is no meat on the plate, just "sides". I miss having photoshoots with her. I miss annoying the hell out of her. I miss playing poker with her. I miss forcing her to drive my drunk ass around. I miss draging her to hang out with me. I miss her smile. I miss her fitzgerald. I miss jumping on her in the morning, i miss having sleep overs, I miss everything about her. I miss mah ssssssista ssssssssnake!


we met on hollywood blvd.

moi bubba's!

lovelovelove my nephew. His laugh, his chubby cheeks, his chunky belly, everything, everything. everything...i love him.

Him and I were skeletons this Halloween.

favorite thus far..

If i had an extra 9,000 i would def be buying one of Christophe Decarnin's aka Balmain's jackets.

And if i had more than 9,000 this would be my style of choice. But for now, this edgy yet somewhat feminine look will be expressed in other ways. This collection screams uber sexy to me.

A girl can dream, right....


Everyone's blogging about Alexander McQueen's spring 2010 collection and i must also. Holy shiet, this collection is amazing. Sew futuristic and loveable with distinguished animal print. And those shoes! Mah goodness, those shoes are ridiculous! When the clothes became a subject of blue...i think my heart stopped.

Not sure which parts of it will actually be wareable and accepted by the public, but this collection is a definite show stopper and i would wear most of the pieces! True art! True innovation! and True fashion!

-well done.




i love So you think you can dance, Mia is my favorite choreographer of all time. She is one of the main reasons i watch this show. But maybe she will end up doing her own show...ouou!

when i grow up..

i wanna be an old woman/dancer/meteorologist/traveler/marine biologist/mother/humanitarian/circus animal rescuer/unicorn discoverer//grandma/cabin builder/dj/good partner/wilderness hunter hunting the hunter/half housewife/radio host/one who discovers how to travel in time/happyandfree.

i have a vboo, what about you?

Vboo meaning...the bestest friend in the whole wide world who enjoys long walks on the jersey beach with a cooler of coors light, owls galore, vintage thrift shopping, big macs, a car named Beatrice, ghetto apts aka amazing apts in wild places, pretty Loretta Lyn, Patsy Cline, Camera Obscura, driving with the top down in crisp weather, asking strangers for mushrooms at festivals, cupcakes, aprons, waffles, boots, boots, and more boots, pea coats, cerebral palsy cats named cav, amazing laughter, polaroids, bicycles, outdoors, trees, leaves, being a housewife, coffee, old ladies, road rage, baking, being really loud, being really drunk and sloppy, falling down, dancing her tooshie off, kitties!, clogging toilets so i can clean it, baseball players, cake!, 1970 luv couches, snuggling, complaining, karaoke, and much more but whatever it is she's thee best. And i just wanted to say i miss her.



ou how i luv the Japanese, i mean how could you not be fascinated by their culture. The way they live, eat, dress, speak, express themselves, everything they do..I'm obsessed with. My sister and I are trying to learn the language. Well I'm trying, my sister is picking it up better then i am. ha. It's ok, i have the desire to learn so i will in time. We hope to live their one day. I love all of japan, but of course, Tokyo captures my eye most. With the boys dressing like walking neon signs and the girls dressing with such attention to detail is incredible. :My favorite website to show Japanese fashion.


I will miss the long, cold misty nights of PA. Nothing beats being lazy and cuddling with those you love on the couch with a movie and drinking a cold winter lager, while beautiful snow dangles from the sky in the background. I day dream alot in the winter but this year, day dreaming will still be alive yet under the sun of california. I hate the sun. I want dark and misty and snowy and dark instead. I think i might go hike up to big bear this cali winter and hide where the wilderness and mystery collide. My dream life would be me and my "china plate", living in the wilderness in a snowy white cabin where i can just relax all day watching the deer and squirrels pass and the snowy white owls fly high above the sky. The smell and feel of winter is so sexy to me and im sad i have to miss it this year.

ima creep, i know.

I have always had a passion for what is probably known to everyone else as just "creepy" but to me, images like these are very inspring. I am a very sexual person. As i grow older, i see myself become more passionate about guiding my sexual side through new ways of expression. As an openly gay woman, i appreciate the body of a woman. Women to me are the most interesting creatures walking this earth. Some light, some dark, some tall, some short, some crazy, some sane, some loud, some soft, whatever way, i find beautiful. I can't help but to obsess over images of art porn. Ive never been a fan of porn until i found it done respectfully through art. Sew i will share a few faves with yew.


I luvs music to dress up with music that will take my clothes off again music to awake to music to further my dreams at night. music that seeps out of my fingertips onto buckets or sticks music that promotes a permanent grin music that encourages the tears that are so often held back call it my static noise addiction but music is my daily vitamin energy food my fuel and something that i would not be able to essentially live without.


IAMGYPSYWOMAN. And i am here to express whatever POPS into my free mind. My world is filled with dreams, love, happiness, truth, rainbows, freedom, sighs, giggles, sex, musique, art, passion, dance, fashion, and oh so much more.

A little bit about myself...My name is Laycee, I am a free willing openly gay Sagittarius, symbolized by the Archer. I am impulsive and inquisitive, needing travel and constant exposure to new foods, people, landscapes and things to do. I want to travel the world in hopes to find a more spiritual reason for living...I will one day achieve that. Change is one thing I can't do without; I am a truth-seeker, and will go to the ends of the earth to find answers! I grab life with both hands so my spirit can flush with a vibrant life force that shines through me and invigorates everyone around me!

I have an intolerance for constraints and habits and at times i tend to argue just for the sake of argument because I sometimes think i am always right. Being a Sagittarius, we are charming folks who love to take a long drink from the cup of life and go dancing with the butterflies...rainbows...rainbows...rainbows. aha! I like to party hearty and span the globe ever searching, scheming, and dreaming about the adventure of a lifetime.

I love money and what i can buy with it-mainly fun and freedom! I am also generous to a fault and am eager to spread the wealth around. Good thing i have my sister around to calculate the damage, otherwise it would be overdraft time and i wouldn't even notice.

I want anyone and anything around me that will provide just a little more insight into life in general. I would love to make friends with people from all over the world and from every walk of life. I love the idea of having a companion, a friend or partner who can share in my quest for truth and adventure. I don't want to hear about your traveled stories, I want to be apart of them. I need to experience things first hand in order to have a good time. I seek to expand my mind and hopefully grasp the meaning of life along the way.

.........peace with the world and Freedom of expression !