Wednesday, May 26, 2010


New album out. They are perfection at it's best. They lead me lost through a land of mystical beauty.

check this new video from their new album, the song is called LEMONADE.

Monday, December 28, 2009


The snow makes me day dream of such wonderful things. I am so glad to be in PA for the holidays. Nothing beats being lazy and cuddling with those you love on the couch with a movie and drinking a cold winter lager, while beautiful snow dangles from the sky in the background.

Oh and since my nephew is with us, i got to witness him seeing snow fro the first time. It was lovely. To see him shiver, with his cheeks so rosie. My gawsh...he's so cute. Were still waiting for another snowy day so we can take him sledding, he will love that alot, alot. I just know it. So i will wish to the wish gods that another snow will fall our way.

PA for the holidays.

I have traveled to the main land of Schwenksville, Pennsylvania for the holidays. Since i don't like to celebrate the jesus holiday, it's nice that i get to hang out with my family. Were all together:Brother, Sister, Mother, and nephew.
We really enjoy just hanging out with one another, playing things like scrabble slam, apples to apples, cranium, and catch phrase.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

double the fun.

i miss my apt in pointbreeze. where i lived with fancy ladies, rescued ghetto cats, and drank 40's on our porch.

sometimes i like to pretend im japanese.

too but im not even half as cool as they are. But it's ok to try.

ssssssssissta ssssssssnake!!!

Sisters are so great. My sister, is the love of my life, my soul mate, my partner in crime, the one that makes me smile, the one that can always cheer me up, the one who always knows the answer, the one who i look up to, i just love her. alot.alot.

i miss her....i miss making vegetarian dinners for her, and her getting so upset that their is no meat on the plate, just "sides". I miss having photoshoots with her. I miss annoying the hell out of her. I miss playing poker with her. I miss forcing her to drive my drunk ass around. I miss draging her to hang out with me. I miss her smile. I miss her fitzgerald. I miss jumping on her in the morning, i miss having sleep overs, I miss everything about her. I miss mah ssssssista ssssssssnake!


we met on hollywood blvd.